Practical Chemistry

Experiment 23: Investigation of the reaction between magnesium and sulphuric acid


This is to be produced by the student as it is a planning experiment.


Although the stated reaction is given, there are many other reactions suitable for the purpose of this investigation. The only criteria in chosing a reaction are that is should be moderate in rate and be easily manipulated in terms of reactants and products. The changes produced in the course of the reaction should be visible and measurable.


None given other than the fact that the reaction to be investigated is that of magnesium and sulphuric acid. The students are provided with sulphuric acid (1M) and magnesium both ribbon and powder. The usual laboratory apparatus is available.

Experimental report

The following factors must be considered:

  • Suitable research question and hypothesis
  • Choice of suitable apparatus and method
  • Accurate recording of raw data
  • Presentation of raw data
  • Data analysis and presentation
  • Evaluation of errors both qualitative and numerical


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