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The following index gives links to all of the material required for the IB syllabus (first examinations 2016).

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Syllabus 2016

The new syllabus for first examinations 2016 contains several changes with respect to the previous (2009) version. The main section headings are shown below. The syllabus statements can be accessed by clicking on each sub-section heading.

Core Additional higher level

1. Stoichiometric relationships

2. Atomic Structure

12. - Atomic structure

3. Periodicity

13. - The periodic table—the transition metals

4. Chemical bonding and structure

14. - Chemical bonding and structure

5. Energetics/ Thermodynamics

15. - Energetics/thermochemistry

6. Chemical kinetics

16. - Chemical kinetics

7. Equilibrium

17. - Equilibrium

8. Acids and bases

18. - Acids and bases

9. Redox processes

19. - Redox processes

10. Organic chemistry

20. - Organic chemistry

11. Measurement and data processing

21. - Measurement and analysis

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