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Colourful Solutions for Chemistry - IB 2016

The Colourful Solutions Interactive Software has been designed and written by experienced IB chemistry educators with both students and teachers in mind.

Each section provides:

Clear descriptions and supporting animations to help students of IB Diploma Chemistry attain their maximum potential and achieve the highest possible levels of success.

Practice IB-type questions which are designed to prepare students for the rigours of the final exams.

These unique eBooks feature complete IB chemistry notes for both higher level and standard, animations and questions with worked answers as well as randomised tests.

For more information about Colourful Solutions Interactive Software click on the links below:

For teachers - Projectable tests, statistics feedback. Individual lessons (books without answers provided on request)
For students - Learn through explanations, demonstrations, animations, self-test and practice. Let the chemistry come to life!

Colourful Solutions Individual books for the IB syllabus

Each book covers a different section of the IB syllabus and allows students to focus their attentions on the areas that need an extra boost. Click on the appropriate title to download and trial the software.

Chemical Bonding and Structure

Atomic Theory





Equilibrium Systems

Acids and Bases

Oxidation and Reduction

Organic Chemistry

Measurement and Data Processing

Colourful Solutions for IB 2016 syllabus - Bundle discount - FREE trial

If you would rather take immediate advantage of the bundled software discount, download Colourful Solutions IB edition and purchase your PUK below.

Dropbox Colourful Solutions download button

Download, unzip, run and trial the software free for seven days.


Colourful Solutions mini-books

Colourful SolutionsTM is also available in mini-book form. Each topic of the IB Chemistry course has been packaged to allow students who wish to reinforce only certain areas of the course to do just that. Each mini-book is a self contained program with tests, practise exam-type questions, animations etc.

Each purchase entitles you to two licenses, so that you can run the software on two different machines

Minimum requirements for this software are:

  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/7
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

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