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What is the professional educator's most precious commodity?

Without doubt the answer is TIME.

Presentation of a full IB course within a limited time, with all of its internal assessment and syllabus requirements can get complicated. Time means freedom for planning and preparation. Time means attention to detail and to individuals within the group.

Colourful Solutions Interactive Software for IB chemistry will provide you with the valuable time that you need to present a thoroughly professional program of study.

No more searching for resources on the internet. No more time consuming diagrams on the black/white board. More effective use of teaching mixed level groups. Colourful Solutions will allow you to develop your students ability to achieve their full potential through:

  • Interactive animations
  • Bite-size lessons
  • Self-test quizzes
  • Worked examples
  • Downloadable pdf worksheets
  • Full conceptual explanations
  • Syllabus linked sections
  • Zoom in and out for classroom projection


Why is time so important?

The list of activities that distract a teacher from the most important part of the job is almost endless

1. Meetings

  • Curriculum development meetings
  • Staff meetings
  • Departmental meetings
  • Parent - teacher meetings
  • Daily bulletin meetings
  • Moderation meetings

2. Supervision duties

How much time do you spend doing supervision? Yup, just standing there (or sitting if you're lucky) staring into space, or worse still, at the hands of a clock that is intent on proving Einstein's hypothesis that the slower you move, the slower time passes. (my apologies to physicists).

  • Supervision of detentions,
  • Supervision of exams,
  • Supervision of student teachers.

3. Lab maintenance

The laboratory doesn't look after itself either. There's plenty to do: Sure, some of us are lucky enough to have a very efficient lab tech to help with the cleanups, but it's not always the case. And the lab technicians don't do:

  • the book orders, or
  • the chemical orders, or
  • the apparatus orders, or
  • the inventory.

And that's without even mentioning marking and assessment!

The chemistry teacher's dream

I know what I would like.

To plan and present lessons that keep students enthralled with my subject, to demonstrate and participate in an active learning process in a subject which genuinely fascinates me. To feel a pride in watching groups of young minds become captivated by the charm of chemistry, just like I was.

That's why I'm a chemistry teacher - because once I fell in love with the subject I was hooked - I was only ten years old, but, as they say, 'first love never dies'.

Summarising, we need time:

  • To be professional
  • To make chemistry come to life
  • To stimulate interest
  • And to cover the syllabus requirements thoroughly
  • To help our students achieve their true potential

The teacher's nightmare

Even with the best will in the world there can still be unforeseen complications. Issues that involve students missing work or working under non-ideal conditions:

  • Mixed ability teaching groups
  • Standard level and higher level groups.
  • University visits
  • Personal issues
  • Illness
  • Driving tests etc etc
  • New students arriving half way through the year

This means that reinforcement is often necessary while we are trying to keep up to date with internal assessment and syllabus requirements. And heaven help us if we, the teachers, get piggy flu, or bird flu, or flu flu!... Who is going to cover the work?

Colourful Solutions Interactive Software for IB Chemistry

Colourful Solutions Interactive Chemistry can guarantee you more time by facilitating education in an interactive environment.

It eases many of the worries involved in presenting an IB chemistry program.

Each chapter and section follows the syllabus statements with interactive animations, worked examples and many self-tests.

Now you can trial the software for FREE. Download using any of the Dropbox buttons on this site and you have seven days to evaluate Colourful Solutions.

Direct download button

Install the Software on the laboratory computer(s) and you instantly have a resource that:

  • Saves time preparing unexpected classes to help out of synch students
  • Allows mixed level ability teaching activities
  • Provides instant reinforcement and revision activities
  • Provides a resource allowing students to move forward at their own pace, to self-advance
  • Eases absence worries

And during your contact time:

  • Ensure thorough syllabus coverage
  • More professional approach
  • Integrated IT
  • Maintain student interest and boost visualisation of concepts
  • Reinforce concepts with stylish animations
  • No more chalk diagrams - was I sick of drawing mass spectrometers!

Colourful Solutions IB Edition (2016 syllabus) Secure Payment with

Colourful Solutions IB edition costs just 98.75 euros. (the price of 500g of copper(II) sulphate and two 250 ml volumetric flasks)

Obtaining your Colourful Solutions Software couldn't be easier. Simply follow the two-step instructions below.

1 Click on the download link and save your program in the folder of your choice.

2 Click on the BuyNow button below and you will be taken to the PayPal secure server, which will facilitate the purchase of the Personal Unlock Key (PUK) that you need to activate your software.

CSIBv5.0 Direct download button
98.75 €


365 day money back guarantee

Colourful Solutions software comes with our Cast-Iron (Fe) guarantee. If you consider that the software does not meet your requirements, we will refund you in full during 12 calender months.

That's right, we are so confident in the quality of Colourful Solutions that you can purchase the software, try it out for 365 days and if you don't like it, we will reimburse your investment.


To summarise, you gain...

  • Time
  • Flexibility
  • Professionalism
  • Insurance

From Colourful Solutions Software with:

  • Clear descriptive explanations
  • Interactive animations
  • Past paper type questions
  • Worked answers
  • Computer generated timed self-tests

And in addition...

Lifetime free updates and support for any problems regarding IB chemistry and Colourful Solutions Interactive Software.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that the price of Colourful Solutions will remain at 98.75 euros indefinitely. This is a time limited offer. To purchase your Registration (Personal Unlock) Key click on the PayPal BuyNow button today.

CSIBv5.0 Direct download button
98.75 €

Attention Existing Clients

If you have already purchased individual books from the Colourful Solutions range, we will upgrade you to the full IB edition by crediting you with the payments already made. Please contact support using the link at the top of the page to arrange purchase.



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