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Update July 2023 - Migration to new servers - please forgive any 404s or downtime.

The IBC website will be redesigned to fulfill the requirements of the new syllabus, but the current cohort taking the exams in May 2024 will still be able to access the legacy syllabus.

The Colourful Solutions Website is now activated at, ColSol where you can find unlimited

  • Past-paper examination questions
  • Computer timed self-tests on all topics. Marking and feedback directly to your email and displayed on-screen.
  • Computer generated questions for students and teachers on all topics
  • Video explanations of concepts and content.
  • Notes on both the legacy syllabus and the new (first examination 2025) syllabus.
  • Worked examples on all concepts and content.

Colourful Solutions Preview.

The IBC web is a university entrance level chemistry resource with notes on standard level and higher level topics.

For home study, questions, quizzes and interactive revision resources go to the Colourful Solutions Interactive Web.

Happy hunting and if you like what you find don't forget to... tell a friend.

Interested in AQA A level chemistry? A level chemistry website for students.

Study IB chemistry from home

Colourful Solutions is interactive chemistry software for students and educators. It has been developed by a team of experts to adjust to the requirements of pre-university chemistry students. It may be downloaded as a zip file using the buttons below.

Take the pain out of studying. Let the animations and examples sink in at the speed that you decide. Can't remember something. Simple! It's always there to repeat the lesson and try the example IB type questions as many times as you need.

These essential study aids contain:

  • Interactive quick check tests
  • Animations
  • Timed thematic tests
  • Worked past examinations questions with clear explanations
  • Bespoke (printable and editable) tests covering each topic area.

Colourful Solutions™ (first examinations 2016) - Now available on-line

Everything that you need to know for the new IB (first examinations 2016) syllabus is now available on line. This initiative has been in response to the many Mac users who were not able to run the Colourful Solutions Interactive Software on the OS operating system.

Just mosey along over to the new Colourful Solutions web to join up now.

Colourful Solutions™ 2016 syllabus - v5.0 free trial

Interactive software for the new 2016 syllabus

Now you can try out out for free. Simply download using the file link below.

File: CSIB5.zip (297Mb)

Colourful Solutions HL and SL edition for students Show me

Colourful Solutions HL and SL edition for teachers Show me


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