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General IB information

What is the IB diploma?

The IB Diploma is a pre-university qualification obtained over a range of subjects one of which must be a science. The level is equivalent to "A" level in the UK for each of the chosen subjects.

Students choose 6 subjects to study; three at "higher" level and three at "standard" level. In addition they carry out community service, write an extended essay and an essay on the theory of knowledge (TOK).

For newcomers unfamiliar with the International Baccalaureate (IB) more information on the organisation may be found on the official IBO website.

Further information regarding philosophy and assessment in IB chemistry can be found here

The International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO)

The IBO divides the educational curriculum into three stages of educational development:

  • The Primary Years Program

  • The Middle Years Program

  • The Diploma Program

The Primary Years Program

This is Primary School education covering school ages 5 to 10. It is not currently covered in this website.


The Middle Years Program

This is secondary school education covering school ages 11 to 16. In this particular site it is reflected by the workschemes from MYP 6 to MYP 10. The latter being equivalent to the final GCSE year. For general information about the courses offered at The International College Spain go to the ICS website here. For information about the chemistry courses use the navigation bar at the left of this page.


The Diploma Program

This covers the two years prior to University. A Diploma student studies six subjects, three at higher level and three at standard level as well as a Theory of Knowledge course. An extended essay on a subject of interest to the student is produced over the two years. As part of the student's development, community service is credited towards the final grade. More general information can be found from the IBO website here. Specific information, study program, assessment and practical work relating to IB Diploma Chemistry can be found using the navigation at the left.